Your Photo Session

Photo sessions are exciting but can be trying, as well.  Here I try to answer an many of your questions as I can to ensure you get the most out of your photo shot.


First, and foremost, wear something you will be comfortable in.  Your physical comfort will be apparent in your photos.

-Try to avoid patterns or character prints.  I know the munchkins love Minecraft and Captain America but ultimately, we are creating heirlooms that will be cherished for years to come.  Prints are great and add visual interest to a photograph but for group shots, limit the houndstooth, paisleys and flowers to one person and everyone else can choose coordinating solids.

-Colors.  Colors are great.  For groups, a coordinating palette is recommended.  This does not mean everyone has to wear the same shade of blue.  Here are some sample palettes to get your creative juices flowing:

Amethyst, emerald, sage, orchid
Midnight, navy, peach, rose, blush
Soft peach, taupe, ash, verbena, cream
Wine, blush, camel, eucalyptus
Butter, sky, palm, blue jay, sunshine, kelly
Blush, burgundy, peony, brick, charcoal
Blush, nude, espresso, gold
Burgundy, slate, steel, camel
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